Soldered Heat Sink



Soldering heatsink is designed to weld the fins on aluminum or copper base by environmental protection lead-free medium temperature soldering process. The fins can be folded fin, L-FIN, zipper fin, or fins with heat pipe, and the material is generally AL6063, AL6061, C1100, etc. According to the material, the soldering heatsink can be divided into aluminum soldering heatsink, copper soldering heat sink or welding heat sink copper, copper aluminum composite soldering heat sink, zipper fin soldering heat sink, heat pipe soldering heat sink.

According to the process, the soldering heat sink process is majorly divided into high temperature soldering and low temperature soldering. For high temperature soldering heat sink needs to attain 700-800 degrees of temperature to weld. Commonly used soldering process is low-temperature soldering in which the heat sink temperature is between 200-300 degrees for welding.