6SigmaET signs with Cool It by Pankaj

6SimaET is a thermal modeling tool that uses advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to create accurate models of electronic equipment.

Designed specifically for the electronics industry, this software ushers in unparalleled intelligence, automation and accuracy to help you meet your requirements to help you overcome thermal design challenges.

Thermal simulations are a key element of the engineering design process. Our software enables customers to create and solve models quickly, verify electronic designs before manufacturing, and optimize the best thermal performance while reducing customers’ time to market. This level of intelligence and automation enables designers to spend more time on design and less time on software operations.

The results:

  • Shortened learning curve
  • Increased design productivity
  • Tighter integration with design and manufacturing
Consumer Electronics
Servers and Racks

Issues Encountered by thermal Engineers while using Different Software


Not Completely Satisfied with Support Offered by Current Tools.


Dissatisfied with the Cost of their Current Simulation Package.


Struggle with the Complexity of Applying a grid to their Designs


Must Regularly Create a Grid Manually from Scratch.

Why did Cool It by Pankaj partner with 6SigmaET?

6SigmaET’s constantly expanding list of features enables users to design, solve and analyze thermal models faster than ever before. With an intuitive user interface tailored specifically for the needs of electronics engineers, users can run multiple iterations and solve problems with ease. User can use existing CAD data and PCB design data to create models quickly and efficiently, create concept models using intelligent modelling objects, quickly identify every component using heat plots, visualize surface temperatures of any object and get the information users need to make the right decisions.


Built-in intelligent components know how they should behave, and are placed according to how they fit together with objects


6SigmaET is connected to your existing design tools so you can import power, mechanical CAD and PCB data directly into your model.


6SigmaET automatically checks for collision and modeling errors, allowing you to address your problems as they appear


You can't wait days for a thermal solution to solve. 6SigmaET’s powerful solver is capable of solving even the most complex models.


Centralized libraries

Share objects, assemblies, or even whole models across an organization with centralized network libraries

Automatic Grid Generation

The object-based gridding features determines the best grid for the simulation. Just click Solve and the grid is automatically generated.

Import & Export CAD

Import CAD designs and export your 6SigmaET models in DWG format, or export models objects as STL files

PCB DATA import

Import design via IDF, IDX, XFL and Gerber file formats.

Joule Heating

Add electrical boundary conditions to objects, solve for electrical potential, and calculate joule heating values.

Cloud Solving

Solve any model built in 6SigmaET using as many cores as needed without on-site, physical hardware.

Parallel Solver

Scale over 128 cores using a high performance computer (HPC) cluster.

Version Tree

Consolidate various designs and objects in a singular tree, allowing for tighter integration between various models

Automatic reporting

Fully customizable reporting allows yo to communicate, compare and analyze your simulation results.

Modern User Interface:

Utilize the GUI and simple ribbon system to build, solve and analyse your model

Transient Simulation

Set up and perform transient simulations with a wide range of time-varying properties


Model liquid-cooled systems using intelligent objects such as cold plates, pumps, and cooling ducts.

Thoughts from Industry Leaders

Thanks to 6SigmaET we were able to create simulated models of our soldering processes and now predict the behavior of PCBs inside our manufacturing processes.

Miguel Peixoto,|

Process engineer, BOSCH

Using the quick and accurate thermal simulation features in 6SigmaET, we were able to cut our modelling time by 30%.

William Villers|

CTO & Director Engineering, TEN TECH LLC

6SigmaET’s ability to import complex CAD files, coupled with its robust meshing and solving capabilities, significantly reduces our modeling time.

Saket Karajgikar,|

Manager, Thermal design group at Hyve Solutions

Over and above thermo-fluid modelling, 6SigmaET’s library features access to PDM-like databases for simulation models, making them accessible and shareable across enterprise.

Martin Pais, |

Fellow & Director, Motorola

A comprehensive standalone tool, 6SigmaET doesn’t need additional MCAD soft-ware for data entry, which means it is especially straightforward to use.

Norbert Englerberts,|

Director, OTS

Time Taken - 6 Sigma Vs. Alternative Software

6Sigma ET
Alternative Software