Thermal Design Services

We deliver state-of-the-art thermal & structural solutions, integrating your next generation products with advanced technology and operational excellence. We offer highly competitive modeling and analysis services so solutions can be trialed and optimized for maximum results. Our team has a profound understanding of underlying physics and application specific know-how assists you in the selection of appropriate cooling solutions

CFD Analysis of Electronics

We have extensive expertise in carrying out CFD simulations at System level, PCB level and Component level. Technical expertise at Pankaj Electronics helps Electronics designers and Mechanical designers involved in product development to:

  • Determine allowable power levels
  • Optimize PCB component
  • Specify appropriate cooling requirements
  • Evaluate concept feasibility
  • Optimizing overall size by implementing effective thermal solution
  • Determine critical areas for heat transfer and optimize cooling performance of system
  • Designing a cost-effective thermal management solution using lowest possible cost technology and reducing weight and size of system
  • Selection of fans, TIM’s and thermal Gap pad etc.
  • Reduce dependency on actual prototype testing and experimentations use of advanced cooling technologies for Thermal management

FEA Structural Analysis of Electronics

  • Modal Analysis: Natural frequencies & Mode Shapes of PCB’s, lead wires etc.
  • Harmonic Analysis:  Acceleration Levels (i.e. G levels) to calculate transmissibility of structures
  • Random Vibration Analysis: Capture Structure behavior subjected to road transportations, Wind velocities, Shock loadings etc. 
  • Fatigue life of electronic components subjected to Vibrations

AD Mechanical Design

  • Mechanical Design
  • Rendering & Drafting
  • Legacy Data Conversion